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Survival test

Find Spain with the help of sound?

Dive down and look at the wreckage on the bottom. Whatever is it? You’ll find the answer on our web page.

Answer: This is an olg seaweed barge. The boat has been used to transport seaweed. To earn extra money, it was possible to sell seaweed. You collected seaweed, and used to boat to ship it to the factory in charge of making seaweed flour. Today, it’s mostly larger vessels that harvest seaweed. The collect e.g. knotted wrack.

No more jelly babies left?

Work as a marine biologist! Do you see a quadrate on the seabed? How many star fish can you see inside the frame? Record the answer on our web page.

How many sea stars did you see?

Correct answer: 13

Picasso’s eyes on an outing?

Dive down and look at the “work of art”. Take a photo through the frame and download it onto our web page. Many pictures = underwater docusoap!


Somewhere on the seabed you can find the coordinate of a geographical place. Find that place, and take a selfie?. Upload the picture to our website and be part of the summer competition. A winner will be announced every month, and new coordinates will appear.

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